Happy Birthday

And a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Special Delivery moms!

Declan, 10 on May 11

Joshua, 10 on May 12

Riley, 10 on May 13

Andrew 10, on May 14

Ian, 9 on May 10

Jessee, 7 on May 9

Amabelle, 5 on May 10

Alannah, 5 on May 13

Benjamin, 4 on May 12

Sarah, 4 on May 12

Finley, 4 on May 13

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  1. Hi Karen! Thank you for your Happy Birthday wish and for keeping up with Kari and Dan and the kiddos so well! I was also surprised to see that there is a Declan on your list born on May 11th as this is the name that Kari and Dan have chosen for their newest addition! What a sweet name! GOD bless you dear one!

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