Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

Zika Information

When to Call the Midwife

American Pregnancy Association’s Pregnancy Wellness

Fitness and Exercise

Essential Exercises

Spinning Babies

Prenatal Tests

Genetic and Birth Defect Screening Tests

Optimal Fetal Positioning

Kick Counts

Medications During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

InfantRisk Helpline: Answers to Questions About the Use of Drugs During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding


Nutrition Basics

More Nutrition Basics

Iron and Anemia

Water and How to Get Enough

Common Discomforts

Common Discomforts of Pregnancy, What Causes Them and What to Do About Them

Morning Sickness, Nausea and Vomiting

Swelling Solutions


Self-Care for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Labor and Birth

Labor and Birth Basics

Supplies and Preparation for Home Birth

Stages of Labor

Stages of Labor Video

Preparing for Waterbirth

Our Birth Pool

Positions for Labor

10 Labor Tips

Birth is Not a Spectator Sport

10 Ways To Prepare A Mom For a Great Birth

If Baby Arrives Before the Midwife


La Leche League in Florida

Starting Out Right

What is Normal?

Latching On

More Latching On

Baby Won’t Latch?

Sore Nipples


Is Baby Getting Enough?

Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding and Medications

Postpartum and Baby Care

Taking Care of Yourself

Things to Watch For

The Importance of Skin to Skin Contact

Amazing Talents of Your Newborn

Touch: A Parent’s Guide to Infant Massage

Why Is My Baby Crying?

Postpartum Depression Info and Support

Breastfeeding and Jaundice

More about Jaundice

Safe Cosleeping

More on Safe Cosleeping

What is Babywearing?

Newborn Screening Information

Beyond PKU – Florida Newborn Screening Disorders

 Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood

Insurance and Medicaid and Other Business Matters

Verify Your Insurance Benefits

Insurance Coverage and Florida Law

Apply for Medicaid

Getting Your Baby’s Birth Certificate

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