The Birth Story of Shaun Daniel

On Wednesday August 6th, my midwife came for her normal visit.  We decided to strip my membranes to try and get things moving along.  She stripped them around noon.  That afternoon, Kay and I went to Super Target to walk around, I had contractions on and off while walking and driving home.  We came home and Kay had dinner; contractions were going throughout all of this, about 10 minute apart, and getting stronger and stronger.

I emailed Karen (my midwife) around 6:30 to let her know what was going on.  Contractions kept coming, getting harder and longer.  Karen and I emailed back and forth and she headed my way around 9pm.  She got here around 10.  Checked me and hadn’t really made any progress.  At this point, my mom came over so she could be here to take care of Kay if she woke up.  I bounced on my ball, ate a snack, paced around the house.  Evan and I went outside to take a walk around midnight, but it was just too hot and muggy for me.  Contractions still were steady and hurting.  We all finally laid down to take a nap around 3am.

We slept until 8, my contractions seemed to have stopped while I slept, or at least lessened that I slept through them.  I woke up upset and discouraged.  Karen checked me at 8:30, I was about 4cm, and she swept my membranes again.  My mom and I went outside to take a walk, and the contractions picked right back up, and were coming closer together.  We came back in around 8:45 when Kay woke up, and got her up and gave her breakfast.  My mom went home to take a shower, and was planning on coming back to get Kay around lunch time.

I kept pacing around the house, and having to go to the bathroom every 5 or so minutes.  I was extremely nauseous and nothing sounded good to eat or drink.  Evan finally talked me into some Simply Lemonade, but all it did was make the nausea worse.

This is when things start to get blurry in my mind.  Around 11, we called my mom and told her to come sooner than later and get Kay.  I kept switching between the bed and the toilet, and couldn’t really do much else.  The contractions were hard and moving fast.

Around noon it felt like my body was trying to push him our without my help at all.  I was clearly wrong!  I was sitting on the toilet at this point and was getting light headed and dizzy, so we moved back to the bed.  The contractions were killing me, but I was falling asleep between them once I got comfy on the bed.

Karen checked me, and I was only 9cm, we thought I was complete with the urge to push.  She stretched me and we went back to waiting.  She said I had really bulgy waters.  She said once my water broke the pressure of his head should be enough to get me complete and get him out.

I was finally complete around 2:30pm, and felt the urge to push, but it hurt whenever I did.  I was in a ton of pain, and just wanted a break.  At 3 we finally decided it was time to break my water.   Karen broke my water, and in came out in multiple gushes.  It didn’t seem to help however is getting him to come out.  It felt like he was stuck.  Karen checked me and I had a bit a lip left on my cervix that seemed to not want to go away, so during the next few contractions she tried to help move it as I pushed.  Can you say ouch?  This didn’t seem to do much, and the lip kept coming back, so we kept trying.  I was having a ton of pain between contractions, and something didn’t feel right to me at all.  I kept telling them something wasn’t right, and that he felt like he was stuck.  I just couldn’t seem to get enough power to push him past my cervix and it hurt so bad every time I tried.  My cervix hurt between contractions too, like horrible AF cramps.

I pushed for 53 minutes, and then finally, out of absolutely no where, I pushed and he came FLYING out.  Karen didn’t even have a chance to get a new glove on.

We figured out after the birth, based on how he was holding himself, and the pain I described to Karen, that Shaun more the likely had his hand up over his face, causing the extra pain, and the “stuck” feeling.  We figure he moved his hand, and that’s when he finally came flying out.

Shaun Daniel
7lbs 7oz
20.5” long