Birth Story of Lane Michael

I had my 39w apt at 11am, Karen came and checked me, I was at 4cm, so she did a quick membrane sweep and told Lane he was going to be born later that day.  She left to go to some other apts, and the contractions started right away, at 4 minutes apart.  By noon, they were 2-3 minutes apart and becoming stronger.  I called my mom and had her leave work to go get Kay from school.  I put Shaun down for a nap, and called Evan to let him know to stop taking jobs for the afternoon.  Karen came back around 1:20 and contractions were still 2-3 minutes apart, she left again to go get some lunch.  Once she got back, Shaun got up from his nap and since E wasn’t home yet, and I was losing concentration during contractions I called my mom to come get Shaun.  Evan got home around 2:30, just as mom was coming to get Shaun.  Contractions were still 2ish minutes apart, getting stronger and no more talking or walking while they were happening.

Around 3 I was in my bed, laying down but still messing around on my i-touch between contractions, it was helping to distract me from everything that was going on. Around 3:30, I started feeling lots of extra pressure and maybe a slight pushy feeling.  Karen checked me not long after and I was at 9cm.  I started to zone out around 4- 4:30 as the contractions got really strong; I was completely dilated but had no urge to push.  At 4:51, I told Karen I was hoping he would be here by 5, and she said, well you have 9 minutes, we laughed a bit and I knew he wouldn’t be there that fast.  All this time, I was in my head telling myself to push, but knew the urge wasn’t there.  Karen suggested at this time that we try moving to the toilet, since it worked so well with Kay.  I agreed, but didn’t want to move at the same time.  I finally got up and moved.  As soon as I did, I felt soooooooooooo much better.  I just sat there with my eyes closed and was completely silent and still for about 4 or 5 contractions.  I tried to push a little, but wasn’t really feeling any movement.   Around 5:30, out of absolutely no where the contractions were hell, and omg I was screaming, so much so all the dogs in the neighborhood started barking and howling back at me.  Evan ended up going out to ask the neighbors to bring the dog in because it was distracting me so much. I tried to stop screaming, but I honestly could not control it.  Karen checked me, and I had a mini bit of a lip left on the cervix and she moved it out of the way, OMG did that hurt!  Well, she got up and left to go get new gloves, and all of a sudden, the contraction hit and he was coming.  I yelled for her to come back, and she did just as he was crowning.  I wasn’t really even pushing, I had no choice, my body just did it, and he was out in a flash at 5:57pm. He wasn’t born with my water intact but we have NO idea when it broke.   I sat with him for awhile, delivered the placenta and then moved to the bed to relax.  His scores were 9 and then 10.

Lane Michael
6lbs 14oz
20” long