Birth of Trinity

Trinity’s Birth

For almost 6 weeks I would experience 4-6 hours each day of false labor.  So when the day finally arrived, it was hard to believe that I was actually in labor. She came on a regularly scheduled appointment day with Karen.

The first clue was getting up early with contractions, which wasn’t unusual, but when I turned on the TV and the show that popped up on the screen was titled “Baby’s First Day,” that struck me as being odd, and I remember saying to myself, “Could It Be?” So I watched the show hoping subconsciously my body would pick up on the joys of birth and in moving to the next step. For, I knew going into this labor I had a lot of fears around having Trinity. Four days prior I had witnessed the death of a baby which triggered the belief inside me of God taking my children…….

After watching a couple of hours of this TV show, I began to think that maybe I should start getting ready to go to my appointment, because Karen was just over an hour away. I was kind of dragging my feet because I still couldn’t believe I had gone this long, being four weeks over my “normal” due date as I’ve had all my previous five children between 36 – 37 weeks,  and I was a little bummed. This time last week I had thought it was a joke in making another appointment, and here I was getting ready to go to that appointment.  Yet when I went in to take a shower and change, I realized that I was bleeding. Not in any large amount or anything but more than losing my plug which occurred two weeks prior. Contractions were nothing, but the blood told me that something was happening even if I couldn’t feel it. So I called Karen, and she had me time the contractions for an hour. They were about every 5 minutes and lasted between 1-2 minutes. So upon calling her back she told me not to worry about coming in; she was on her way. And the whole time I was thinking that she was wasting her time, because in the weeks prior the contractions were far, far worse and they hadn’t done anything.

Yet, once Karen arrived she checked me, and I was dilated to a strong 8-9 cm. I was so excited, an 8/9 and no “pain” yet! Right on! This could be easy! Up until last week I was still at 1cm and that was with horrible Braxton Hicks. I almost thought it was a dream, not quite believing it. My water hadn’t broke yet, and Trinity was still high with her hand still blocking her decent. So, we decided to set up the pool and get things ready, and see if she decided to move down a bit before breaking my water.

After things were set up, it was determined that it was safe to go ahead and break my water. That’s the point when you know there’s no turning back. I think my body stalled for a bit, for it really didn’t do anything new. I still couldn’t believe that I was really in labor. But about an hour later, that first contraction hit and there was no mistaken. It was hard and the most painful I’d ever experienced in the past, and its location shocked me. For in the past I guess I’ve always had back labor and this was in the lower front. Not even starting at the top and working down, it was completely centered in the muscle just above the pelvic bone and about every 3-5 minutes it would come back again for a minute or two. I couldn’t help but cry, moan, scream, and try to remember to breath. Everything that I had practiced in the past around pain went out the window. Yet my husband was the best, he took my hand which helped me to focus. I focused on his hand and our connection, which was so helpful.

The pool was a helpful too. I’m glad he talked me into using it. These contractions remained about the same for about two hours. Two hours and starting at 9cm… That seemed really long to me, and every time I would check to see if I could feel her head, she still felt high. At one point I remember asking, “How long will this last.” I wasn’t sure I could keep going. And as soon as I asked the question I felt like moving positions, so instead of squatting I turned to face up and stretch my legs a bit and on that next contraction is when my body pushed. I want to say that I pushed, but it was more like throwing up. I didn’t have much control over the reaction, it just happened, and it hurt. My husband encouraged me stating that it was almost over, and he could see her head coming. Yet the push went away and she was stuck, and it burned. Karen mentioned that her hand was still in front of her face and she was coming out at an angle, as she tried to help her out…. The longest two minutes of my life, but through the next push or two she finally made it out.

No sooner had she emerged, and then the cord snapped, something apparently unusual. Karen saw it happen and quickly grabbed clamps, going for the baby and then finding the other end in the water. And even though there was a lot of blood in the water all was good.

When she handed Trinity to me she was so peaceful and calm. I was expecting her to cry and was wondering if she was breathing. After being reassured that she was perfect and good. I could finally relax… She was alive, healthy, and beautiful at 8lbs 10oz … 🙂   Thank You Karen!!! You are Amazing!!

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