Birth of Faith

I had been having contractions all day long on Tuesday, but they were far from consistent. I had an appt scheduled with the midwife for the next day, and although she had offered to strip my membranes I was convincing myself that the baby would come when she was ready and that I could wait.

That night I was woken up by a contraction. The first thing I did was look over at the alarm clock, it was 2:11am. I didn’t think to much of it because I had been woken up by them before. J half woke up, reached over and started rubbing my back “Heartburn again?” lol “No”, I told him, “a contraction” He asked if he needed to get up and I said no, they would probably go away like before. I tossed and turned for about 1/2 hour while the contractions seemed to be pretty consistent. I decided to get out of bed and go straighten up the living room, thinking the change of activity from lying down to moving around would make them go away. I asked J for his watch so I could time them and went out to living room.

They were coming every 2-3 minutes, lasting anywhere from 20-40 seconds. After about 45 minutes of timing, they slowed to 4-5 minutes apart lasting 45-60 seconds. After a really nasty one that had me on my hands and knees leaning on the couch, I got up and went into the bedroom telling J that he was going to have to get up, that I was definetely in labor, and I couldn’t do it alone anymore. It was now almost 4am.

He got up and asked me if I would like for him to run me a bath. He also suggested that we call Karen and have her start on her way over. I called and left a message with her answering service, not wanting to be the one to wake her up. She called back after 2 minutes or so, and since I wasn’t in the middle of a contraction, I talked to her myself. I told her I was in labor, and she said “Are you sure?” lol I said yeah, pretty sure, I told her I was going to get in the tub and she said she would be on her way shortly. (She later said I sounded so normal that she took her time, taking a shower and making a pot of coffee, and didn’t leave till about 1/2 hour after my phone call)

I was having major pains in my back, more than I had remembered from my other labors. I stayed in the tub for almost an hour, but it just wasn’t working like it had previously. I was not a happy camper at all. I would curse and complain all during the contraction & J was trying his best to appease me. I finally said the tub sucked and I wanted out, so we went back out to the living room.

I got back on the floor on my knees, and would lean onto the couch during contractions. I told J to push against my lower back to try to give some counterpressure relief, but it only helped a little. I started to feel nauseas and chilled. I told J to get me a bowl in case I had to throw up, and I thought to myself that I must be in transistion, and so while I may not be 10cm yet, I had to be close. I decided with the next contraction to push a little to see if it relieved the pain at all, even though I didn’t have an urge to push. It did help a little, but J figured out what I was doing and I think the idea of delivering our baby freaked him out, lol. He called Karen and asked how far away she was because I was pushing. She told him less than 10 minutes, and to tell me to stop pushing. lol

Meanwhile, my hollering had woken my oldest daughter up. She woke my son up and they were excited that the baby was coming soon. J fixed them some cereal and they went in the other room to watch a dvd.

Karen called about 10 minutes later (about 5:30am) and J left to go let her in the entrance gate (I live in a gated apartment complex, and our code to our apt isn’t working, so we have to let people in with our remote when it’s closed, very annoying to say the least) I was still hunched over the couch with nothing but a sports bra on. I thought briefly about getting some shorts on, then asked myself who was I kidding. I’m sure Karen has seen worse then my white butt in the air when she walked through my door.

She asked if I wanted to deliver there, or if I wanted to move into the bedroom. After debating with myself for a few seconds, I decided to get in bed. She quickly started setting all the chux pads, etc in place, and I climbed into bed. My youngest daughter (who was sleeping in my bed) woke up, and asked if I was ok. I was complaining over and over about my back, and she asked if I wanted her to kiss it hehehe. She was very sweet, rubbing my arm during contractions and telling me it would be ok.

Karen checked me and said I was 9, but that she could push the little bit out of the way for me. She said the baby’s head was real close, and asked if I could feel it rotating. I couldn’t, all I could feel was the incredible pain, lmao.

I pushed for about 15 minutes. The older two kids came in the room right as Faith was crowning, so all three were there to witness her birth.
It was such an incredible & empowering birth experience! Even though I said something like “screw this I’m going to the hospital and getting an epidural next time” while I was in labor I wouldn’t have had it any other way. :o)

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